10 nov. 2009

Kiss The Blade [1986] - Young Soldier

Kiss The Blade was formed in Gloucestershire, UK in 1984 and had a lot of Radio 1 airplay by Janice Long. "Young Soldier" was the second single & last single. (a protest song against the Faklands war) followed. Kiss The Blade was a obscure UK post punk / new wave / dark / gothic. Young Soldier is clearly a song against the Falklands war. Lyrics for it are reproduced on the back of the sleeve. Though this is a UK release of a UK indie label, record and sleeve were actually pressed / printed in France. The plastic lamination of the sleeve tends to peel off the edges very easily in all copies. It's almost impossible to see one without a partial loss of lamination or yellowing to the cover.


1 - Young Soldier
2 - Broken Dreams
3 - The Love I Give


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  1. Young Soldier Lyrics :
    * With his ¿? crashing , bullets flashing *
    ¿ Can someone help me with this "missing" word , please ?
    Thanks in advance