22 feb. 2010

Tindersticks [2010] - Falling Down A Mountain

Falling Down a Mountain, Tindersticks eighth album, is the sound of a band rediscovering themselves. Its immediate predecessor, 2008 The Hungry Saw, felt an afterthought. That record ended a five-year hiatus during which it seemed – judging by singer Stuart Staples’ budding solo career ­– that Tindersticks might have ground to a terminal halt. In and of itself, The Hungry Saw still sounds the runt of the group’s generally impressive litter of melancholy soul. But this, their first collection for 4AD (and first with a new line-up including drummer Earl Harvin and guitarist David Kitt),­ represents a significant recovery of nerve.


1 - Falling Down A Mountain
2 - Keep You Beautiful
3 - Harmony Around My Table
4 - Peanuts
5 - She Rode Me Down
6 - Hubbards Hill
7 - Black Smoke
8 - No Place So Alone
9 - Factory Girls
10 - Piano Music


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