6 may. 2010

Smersh [1985] - Ordinary People - K7

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Beat studio guru Mike Mangino (Pink Noise, Pop-Tarts) and Chris Shepard (Pop-Tarts) formed Smersh as an experimental big-beat techno/industrial project and began releasing cassettes in 1981. Smersh recorded improvised cuts every Monday night, released countless cassettes on their own label, Atlas King, and were featured on more compilations than you can track down. They never played live, never played the same track more than once.


1 - Fixin To Fool Around
2 - Beat This
3 - I Hang My Head
4 - Turbine Terror
5 - Sourdough Days
6 - Black Tears
7 - The Demand
8 - This House
9 - Special Branch Agent
10 - The Good Life
11 - Father's Day


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