20 jun. 2010

Changes [1996] - Fire of Life [US Dark Folk 69-74]

R.N. Taylor and Nicholas Tesluk are first cousins, both born in Chicago, Illinois. They formed Changes in 1969 and performed in coffee houses and university halls for about six years before they both went their separate ways each starting a family.

Fire of Life is extracted from vintage analog open reel recordings (1969-1974) by Changes, never before released to the public. Though Changes had a small but dedicated following during that era, the songs have "come of age" through the efforts and perseverance of Michael Moynihan (Storm/USA) and Willi Stasch (Cthulhu/Germany). As a result, these songs have received some worldwide recognition and we gratefully acknowledge their support.

Musically this album is stark, very dark folk based songs with acoustic guitar, intense vocals, gothic lyrics and occasional harmony vocals and flutes. Fans of dark folk groups like Current 93 or Nature and Organisation will find much here that they will enjoy.


1 - Fire Of Life
2 - Sweet Eve
3 - Bleeding Out Your Feelings Evermore
4 - The Saddest Thing
5 - Early Morning Hours Of The Night
6 - Memorabilia
7 - Horizons That I See
8 - Satanic Hymn #2
9 - R.I.P. Van Winkle's Pipe Dream
10 - The Stranger In The Mirror (Pt. 3)
11 - Twilight Of The West


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