9 jul. 2010

Neon Judgement [1981] - Suffering - K7

This release has had an official extra pressing in 1988. The additional copies were produced by the band as official merchandise and bear a Neon Judgeclub stamp inside the sleeve along with a date of issue and a copy number (no info on how limited each reissue was). They were produced to be sold at concerts of the band and to members of the Neon Judgeclub.
All have the same artwork as the original release in the Kleo discography, even though the label had by then long evolved into Antler Records.


1 - Factory Walk
2 - Sweet Revenge
3 - Harem
4 - The Machine
5 - Army Green (WO III)
6 - Schyzophrenic Freddy


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  1. This cassette will be available on vinyl for the first time ever on August 15th. More info coming soon on Dark Entries Records: http://www.darkentriesrecords.com/